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What does Launch Legal Solutions do?

Our main goal is to help law firms and lawyers find professional virtual assistants to delegate administrative tasks, optimize their websites, design their marketing campaigns and free them from time-consuming tasks that could be spent on growing their business.

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Virtual assistant companies in Mexico

Our History

Launch Legal Solutions is a US LLC created with the purpose of provide integrated staffing solutions to our associates. The US LCC is located in Colorado Springs, CO but has a business connection in Querétaro, México.

Launch Legal Services was born at Izaguirre Law Firm from the vision of Stephanie and Sergio Delgado, who saw the need to hire overseas people who had the sensitivity, empathy, and the right language to launch their customer service experience to another level in their immigration legal firm.

In 2021, we started operations in Querétaro, México as a pilot project that now has become a permanent business. We are now ready to share our business rocket with you because we believe that everyone deserves to offer quality customer care to your clients supported by the right crew to make that happen.

Our founders: Stephanie and Sergio Delgado

Stephanie and Sergio are committed to helping their community in different ways. Stephanie is an immigration attorney by profession and owns her immigration law firm. She is an advocate for the rights of people migrating to the United States, with great human warmth and a sense of community. She has broad business acumen and loves to visit Mexico, her second home. 

Sergio is originally from Guanajuato Mexico, he is a person focused on work, his family and those around him, he always tries to help those in need without expecting anything in return. He is always looking for new projects that challenge him and generate a business opportunity for his people. He has brilliant ideas, creativity and a great sense of humor and friendship.

In Stephanie’s words, 

-Great ideas arise from a need. Where there is a problem, we see an opportunity.-

How did the idea of creating Launch Legal Solutions come up?

-Forming a legal entity in Mexico has taken us more time than resources, patience is the biggest muscle we have had to use-

Is Launch Legal Solutions established in Mexico?

-Success is measured in the sum of all those who succeed under the same project, so success is not personal –

How does Launch Legal Solutions has help you out?

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Reducing your operating costs by up to 30%

is a great argument to be our partner.

The values of our crew


To understand any human being and supporting them in their needs.


Be kind, assertive and tolerant in our interactions with others.


To recognize the value of others with humanity and understanding, accepting our limitations and recognizing our strengths.


To be a multidisciplinary group that develops and focuses on the same objective.


Conduct ourselves in a congruent and precise manner in order to comply with our activities in a timely way.


To build a work environment of loyalty, confidentiality and support for the team and our clients.


To be clear about what has to be done continuously, without losing the positive


To be discreet with the handling of sensitive information, respecting the sole purpose for which it is presented.

We design a customized plan for your law firm

Our business rocket covers the following support areas:

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To provide business solutions to our partners by offering highly trained crew, with high sense of humanity, service, and empathy intended to help them enhance their business, and improve the relationship between their final clients.


We Respect every person and every situation, Empathy is what gives meaning to our service.
Service Attitude is our seal of guarantee.


To be the first choice in Staff Co-sourcing services in the United States to solve the business needs of our partners.

To be the workplace par excellence in Querétaro that provides real professional growth to our staff, having the necessary physical infrastructure, adaptable, and a work system able to
respond immediately.

To build a professional team through a unique service methodology to gain the trust of the most demanding customers and achieve the company´s objectives.

Shall we start launching your law firm?

Our crew of professionals will give you a personalized demonstration tailored to the growth stage of your law firm.