Outsourcing for Law Firms

Virtual legal assistant
Customer service virtual assistants

Customer service virtual assistants

All you need is to offer a unique customer service experience.

We organize teams of customer service professionals and customize them to your company’s style.

We recruit, train and motivate staff for you, so they can develop their skills as virtual customer service assistants.

All our consultants are bilingual.

To unlock your team
Customer service virtual for lawyeres

Customer service virtual assistant

Human talent is the most important investment for a company since it represents the only vehicle that can materialize any result in your business.

For a service company, Customer Service is the key piece that can lead you to success or failure, that is why we offer professionals to help you enhance your business by providing excellent customer service with human sense, empathy, and service attitude.

Values that can make the difference in your business.

Customer service virtual assistant skills

We have reduced operating costs by 25%.

Since Izaguirre Law Firm contracted LAUNCH LEGAL SOLUTIONS’ customer service, we have increased our client satisfaction.

Clients say that our customer service staff is more empathetic and convenient in solving their questions and request.

Stephanie Izaguirre – Izaguirre Law Firm Founder

Customer support virtual assistant

Our planes include

A successful customer service can be achieve with an experience-based methodology and the implementation of dedicated software to streamline customer’s communication.

Communication's plattform

Contact Center System

Analytics + Metrics

Crew supervision

Training and management

Virtual assistant and customer service


Integrate professionals to your team who will work exclusively for your law firm, following your processes and institutional philosophy.

We make sure they follow the best Customer Service practices, supervise their performance and generate the metrics you need to measure their performance.

This crew member´s job is to help deeply any prospect or client to solve their immigration questions. Besides to other key activities such as:


Customer service virtual assistant for law firms

How it works

Set up an interview with you.

To understand your law firm's processes and business objectives. We introduce you our solutions and experience with other law firms by implementing our client service methodology.

We design your model plan customized to your needs.

Depending on your needs, we set up an accurate  plan that includes the customer service processes, the consultant profile you need and the description of activities to be performed.

We propose the structure and profiles of your staff.

We start to look for the best candidates, they need to be bilingual and have a good professional education, experience in their field and  values that can fit into our organization and yours. 

Together, we select the best candidates for your law firm.

We carry out the recruitment and selection process to present you the best candidates. You will chose your own staff. 

We support and supervise the training.

Once you has selected your own staff, we train them under our customer service methodology and supervise the training and processes inside your Law Firm along your philosophy. 

In 3 weeks, your team start its activities.

2 weeks of recruitment and selection.
1 week of training.

Ready to start!


Tell us, What do you need?

Contact us to help you select the best option for your business, we also adjust to your needs and propose new solutions.

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