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SEO is the sure-fire strategy to boost your law firm

Lawyers who have optimized their websites with SEO to take advantage of Google searches have been able to grow their law firm’s leads by more than 300%.

Lawyers who have optimized their websites with SEO to take advantage of Google searches have been able to grow their law firm’s leads by more than 300%.

The first step to building your law firm’s SEO is to create your Google Business profile. 

Before starting, consider the following facts:

Read the complete study shared by HubSpot, our partner in CRM for law firms.

In your Google Business profile, you can share your location, appointment phone number, website and photos documenting your professional life in the area.

In addition, you can showcase your services, videos and branding of your law firm.

The most relevant part of your Google Business profile will be the reviews shared by your clients and the private messages you can do with them to give them more personalized attention.

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Google will reward you in positioning your profile at the top of the search results if the experience you offer to your clients is better than they expect.

At LAUNCH LEGAL SOLUTIOS, we recommend using the Google Business profile as another social network that you should update frequently, documenting your professional life every week.

You can share images of your specialized services with a brief description.

The mistake many lawyers make with their local SEO is that they only register their profile once and do not update it.

Google will always pay more attention to those who take care of their profile.

In this link you can learn how to create your Google Business profile step by step. Get the most out of local SEO for lawyers. 

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Your website is a digital extension of your law firm and should show your clients the advantages of having you to solve their legal problems.

Now, you should invest in researching the questions your clients are asking on Google to learn more about their legal situation, how their case might develop, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

You can use Google itself to find out which kind of content your clients are looking for. In this research stage, our SEO specialists for lawyers use:

Here you will be able to know different doubts and variations of the keywords that your prospect uses to find your services.

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With this Google tool, you will be able to discover the topics related to the keyword your users are researching, and the states of the country that are trending for that search.

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You must create a Google Ads account to access this powerful tool. The process will take a little time but you will be able to take advantage of the information.

Here, Google shows you an approximate of the searches performed per month and the context of the competition.

With this tool you will be able to greatly expand the search context, get related insights and clarify your outlook on your SEO plan for law firms.

It is also free. In another article we will share with you the process to access this tool.

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At LAUNCH LEGAL SOLUTIONS we believe that all lawyers and their administrative staff can do a good job of SEO for their law firm, using the tools we shared you.

Now, if you want to know the full potential of SEO in your law firm, consider hiring a team specialized in SEO for lawyers, here we have described the advantages, now we will tell you what to consider when it comes to choosing your Marketing team:

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The SEO team within an agency is made up of:

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They will set a clear path for the growth of your law firm.

All of them know very well how to take advantage of Google tools and also use specialized SEO software such as Ahrefs or SEMRUSH.

This SEO team will give you very complete and powerful reports to:

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The services that you can contract with an SEO agency are:

To win in Google’s results, your website must be optimized and offer a great user experience (UX), that makes it easier for the user to learn about your law firm’s solutions and discover your strengths as a lawyer compared to other firms.

For now this is the beginning of this topic. Soon we will share here and on social networks, valuable content to successfully implement marketing for lawyers that works.

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