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Law firms that have implemented an outsourcing plan for activities such as Customer Service and Marketing have been able to reduce their costs by up to 30% and retain control of their administrative tasks to focus on growing their business.

Read on and you will find out that the size of your law firm does not limit the benefits of outsourcing; on the contrary, it will help you reduce costs, optimize time and capitalize your law firm for growth. 

Lawyers who have chosen to collaborate with outsourcing companies are supported by specialists in each area to streamline their processes and improve their clients’ experience with their law firm. 

Outsourcing for Law Firms in Virginia

In our experience we have learned that there are 2 signals for law firms to choose outsourcing:

1. Difficulties in hiring and retaining staff in administrative areas. 

2. Looking for better results in specific activities such as Marketing. 

At the first signal we found that because of the current social situation in the country, law firms are spending more financial resources and time to recruit, train and retain their staff. Affecting their core activities to prepare solid cases that benefit their clients. 

Customers tell us that the personnel they hire are not committed to their work, considering leaving at any time for a better offer. In addition, small law firms or family law firms are afraid that the trained staff will leave to create their own law firm along with their clients. 

What kind of legal services are most amenable to outsourcing?

Attracting the right client profile for your law firm is the key to ensuring growth and adding brand value to your firm. 

For example, if your law firm specializes in solving immigration cases, you should optimize your marketing efforts to get to know that client profile in depth and attract them through content that solves their doubts, for example: 

How do I know what type of visa suits my situation? 

Instead of sharing generic content about all types of law firms, for all types of cases. This bad promotion practice is very common in law firms, causing them to waste their budget and time. 

Marketing outsourcing is one of the activities you should consider delegating to external specialists who master the use of digital and traditional media to optimize your budget and attract the right clients for your law firm. 

A marketing outsourcing team will help you to better structure your legal services offering, create a corporate image for your law firm and design an efficient promotion system for website, Google, social media, email marketing and public relations. 

Follow this link if you want to know more about marketing outsourcing services.

Another key area where external specialists can support you in improving your law firm’s customer experience is Customer Service. 

One of the challenges faced by law firms are the complicated and lengthy recruitment processes to include in their teams professionals who wish to make a career in their firm. 

In the area of client service, law firms have high levels of staff turnover and their internal control systems are not sufficient to achieve the desired level of service for their clients. 

According to Google Trends data in the first half of 2022, there was a rise in the trend of searches for customer service outsourcing companies, placing the following states in the top 5 of the list: 

These are the 3 main reasons why our clients hire Customer Service Outsourcing:

How to hire the right outsourcing company for law firms?

Before choosing your outsourcing company you should consider: 

The most convenient and cost-effective option to facilitate your daily operations is to hire a single company to cover the main key areas of marketing, customer service and administrative tasks. 

Experienced outsourcing companies should usually offer you a customized plan that fits the stage of your law firm. 

Talk to a LAUNCH consultant now to learn about plans to help you take your law firm to the next level.

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